Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gah! Paperwork

No sooner do I have all my European flights and hotels booked than I realize I hadn't registered for guadec. And now registration is closed...Meanwhile I'm behind on sending in the tax forms to Google. I've moved out of my old cooperative and into this new one that doesn't have a house laser printer. I dug out my old inkjet and spent an hour struggling with CUPS to get it to print only to find that the ink has gone dry. Meanwhile I'm trying to send in the DMV paperwork for my two motorcycles that I'm selling. Combine that with the joys of moving, unpacking, throw in a visit to an ailing mother in a different town, add a spontaneous, free ticket to a rock concert, and you get a Summer of Code student who hasn't been able to write any code for two days =(

Meanwhile, Ubuntu has put the nail in the coffin in the form of an "update" they released today which uninstalled devhelp and prevents my reinstalling it. Seriously, Ubuntu is going downhill. I am done with their silliness. The real question is where to go next. Maybe gentoo, maybe arch, maybe something else.

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