Monday, June 28, 2010

Un día en la vida

My Room

The view from the balcony

Un café cortado. Mmmm cafééééééééééééééé.

El metro viene, el metro se va...


There's art everywhere you look...

...but at times it's all a bit surreal.

Previously, on Star Trek: The Next Generation...

A little "self-timer" action...

Vanessa and Hubert, these are for you!

The sun sets on the plaza....

...The sun sets on the cathedral

Tonight, pintxos for dinner!


Almost Home.

Goodnight everyone.

Monday, June 21, 2010

¡hola, mundo!

I write to you from the from the wonderful city of Barcelona. Still hacking on PiTiVi occasionally, but presently spending most of the day on "not-pitivi.".

I've been hacking on the render dialog for a month or so, and it's become a real monster of a branch. But, hopefully, it'll really clean up that part of the application.

It's been exactly a month since I uprooted myself from San Francisco, and it's been quite an adventure. Unfortunately, I spent too long fiddling with my cell phone and camera and it's bed time now. I'm too tired to summarize everything that's happened, so I'll just tease you with a few more photographs.

Rest assured, I'll come back soon with "accounts" of "events" and stuff.

I miss everyone back home! Goodnight.