Sunday, June 1, 2008


Today worked on the SimpleTimeline using Goocanvas. It wasn't easy: a number of unexpected obstacles presented themselves. The first was the challenge of merging the existing SimpleTimeline code into the new code, and getting drag-and-drop to work as it did before. Once I had done that, I was able to add and delete the existing source widgets from the timeline.

Erhm, well kindof. Actually this is a transient glitch, it goes away as soon as you resize the timeline.

See, now that's better. Except once I got to this point I found that the re-orderable list that I'd spent so much time on didn't work. Event signals never make it to the canvas. They seem to be trapped by the widget. I modified my test code to use widgets instead of native canvas items. A little experimentation showed that only widgets which don't have their own xwindow (as do gtk.EventBox and gtk.DrawingArea) will emit events within goocanvas. So, if I just change the parent of the SimpleSourceWidget to something like HBox, it should work...right?
Well, they look like "GhostSourceWidgets"...wooooooooooo! Hmm, I know. I'll make a ghetto hack! If I just plop a goocanvas.Rect behind the widget, and group the two together, then I'll have an opaque background that will prevent widgets from blending together...

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