Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thumbnails \o/

After several weeks of often-interrupted effort, I have finally made progress on support for thumbnails on video clips. Thumbnails are fetched asynchronously and then cached. I have optimized the drawing routines to only draw the visible portions of each clip, so the thumbnail strips render quickly and do not seem to significantly slow down dragging or trimming on my machine. I'm fairly satisfied with the results. What remains now is to implement a caching strategy so that we don't eventually consume all available memory with 50x50 thumbnail images. I'm working on this in parallel with waveforms, which present slightly different challenges. Eventually I hope to modularize both thumbnail and waveform code in such a way that we can easily add new media types to PiTiVi, or optimize special cases such as still images (which just display the same thumbnail repeatedly).

In other news, I have finished my undergaduate education at UC Berkeley. Man, that feels good.


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bilboed said...

ROCK ON ! I'll merge them in ASAP :)

That's an awesome xmas present.

Anonymous said...

"I have finished my undergraduate education at UC Berkeley"


George said...

Congrats on your undergrad Brandon.