Friday, November 26, 2010

And the winner is...

The overwhelming majority went for version B. I changed the layout a bit, and a cleaned up version is what's in my branch now. Thanks, everyone.


Korbé said...

Hello Emdash.

I tried to reach you by e-mail but you don't answer. :(

This last days, I work on application to manage GStreamer encode-profiles (audio and video, storred on GSettings) for Gnome 3.XX. Now I write doc and after write source code. I propose it on the Gnome-Devel miling list when the doc are sufficiently advanced.

I had hoped we could work together on this project because it could be good for PiTiVi.
But I see it's too late. :(

Rob said...

Nice. I like it. :)

brandon lewis said...

Korbe, I'm not sure who you are but I have not received any emails from anyone regarding presets. In any case I'm not sure why you think it's "too late". This is just an incremental improvement.

brandon lewis said...

In fact these dialogs really have nothing to do with encoding profiles whatsoever.

In any case, I would suggest you join the pitivi IRC channel. I am active most days from 10AM to 7PM GMT