Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Project Settings Progress

Re-worked it a bit this afternoon. But i'm still not happy with it. I think it might be too confusing to expose pixel-aspect-ratio to the user (hell, it's confusing enough for the programmer).

Another idea: present display width / height, optionally allowing the user to constrain to an aspect ratio. Separately present content (storage) width / height, and finally show the pixel-aspect-ratio as a read-only label, as a form of feedback. In other words, PAR would be computed working backward from display and content resolutions.

Mockup: The diagram on the bottom shows how updates
would propagate between widgets


Anonymous said...

how about showing all the various options, and have a preset list that will auto fill them.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! Some minor comments (since I'm a massive pedant):
• It should use “×” instead of “x” for dimensions.
• s/Pixel shape:/Pixel Shape:/
• “Storage resolution” should be left-aligned with the rest of the fields, and “resolution” should be Title Case.
• The tab labels shouldn't be emboldened.
• There should probably be a border around the preset list.

brandon lewis said...

If it were print media, you'd be correct, but unless I misunderstand something, this is the syle I'm supposed to use for dialogs in GNOME.

Marcos Magalhaes said...

I strongly suggest that the timeline should have a display option in seconds and frames. It would change according to the frame rate chosen for the video. I really missed it when I tried to use Pitivi for lipsync animation.
Thank you!