Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Even at GUADEC, Slow Going

GUADEC is a lot of fun, but the network at the venue is a bit dodgy. Worse still, a number of useful ports are blocked. This has complicated just about everything. Also, I tried to update my gstreamer install and the cvs-update.sh script barfed all over everything, borking my cvs install of gstreamer. I might have it fixed by tomorrow morning =(

The good news is that Edward and I fixed a couple of rendering bugs in the advanced timeline. The key to the problem was the GTK+ debugging flag --gtk-debug=updates, which shows you which areas are being redrawn (though I can't yet use this on my machine, still need to recompile the gtk+ library to enable debugging).

Also, I finally got to look at Edward's design notes for the Complex UI. I finally have an idea of what I'm building. There's still a lot to discuss, but Edward and I haven't quite found time for a hacking session.

That's about it for now.

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