Monday, July 28, 2008

I spent today hanging out with a friend of mine in San Francisco who does 3D modeling, rendering, and video editing for a living. While not a developer, he's a computer savvy user who can deal with complex user interfaces. After watching him use Adobe Premiere and After Effects for half an our, I did a short demo of PiTiVi. I wish I could say the demo went well, but, in fact, it crashed several times. Talking with him was useful because he has used three major commercial editors: Premiere, Vegas, and Final Cut. He's also familiar with Maya, and After Effects. The interview was casual, so I didn't record or take notes on the interview. A brief summary of what I learned is available here.

Revised Todolist
  1. Frame Snapping
  2. Collapse Selection
  3. Editing Markers (see below)
  4. Source Splices
  5. Fix Text item clipping
  6. Drag multiple selected objects
  7. Select Before Current Source
  8. Select After Current Source
  9. Undo/Redo
  10. Multi-layer editing
  11. Still Images

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bilboed said...

Awesome feedback from your friend ! We need more stuff like this.