Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still images are not completely done in the back end, so they are still at the bottom of the stack. I'll bump them up to top priority once they are done in the back end. I am anticipating minor changes in the UI code to make still images work, but we'll see.

I managed to get the razor tool working today, which is incredibly satisfying. Next on the list is to fix zoom support, which was broken by the layout changes. Once that's done, I think it would be nice if the ruler's playback cursor not only extended all the way down the timeline, but was magnetic as well. This would mean that editing operations could easily be made to "snap" directly to wherever the playback head happens to be, including trimming and razoring sources.

Here's my revised todo list:
  1. Split clips in advanced UI (Done)
  2. Make zooming work again (In Progress)
  3. Magnetic Timeline Playback Cursor
  4. Frame Snapping
  5. Collapse Selection
  6. Editing Markers (see below)
  7. Source Splices
  8. make Text item something we can shrink so it doesn't protrude past edge of clip at high zoom (in progress)
  9. Drag multiple selected objects
  10. Select Before Current Source
  11. Select After Current Source
  12. Undo/Redo
  13. Multi-layer editing
  14. Still Images
I want to introduce a feature I'm calling editing markers. My understanding is that some commercial products do this already, so perhaps some of you will be familiar with this idea. Basically, you should be able to drop an unlimited number of "markers" which will serve a number of functions:
  1. visual "bookmark" of some important point in the timeline
  2. magnetic edit point for spliting, trimming, and moving sources.
  3. general input to editing commands: For example, if you select n edit points and n sources, and then choose the razor tool, a cut will be made at the edit point for each source.
Initial Design
  • Place edit points by clicking the marker button, or pressing m. The edit point will appear as a small triangle beneath the ruler at the current playhead position.
  • You can fine tune edit points simply by draging them
  • You can select edit points as you select any other timeline object
  • When you activate the razor tool, drag a source, or trim a source, the effective cursor position will snap to the edit marker if the cursor position is within the edit marker deadband.
  • If any edit points are selected when the razor tool is active, the razor tool will treat the edit points as input coordinates. Other commands may operate like this as well.

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